Many of us at some point in our lives feel the need to ask for help

About Counselling

It may be a culmination of experiences that leaves us feeling drained and unable to cope, or a sudden crisis or trauma that destabilises our world. We can be left feeling angry, depressed, highly anxious, alone and out of control or even suicidal. Sometimes we’re not sure what’s wrong, we just know that we don’t feel right.

Counselling is an opportunity for anyone, whatever age they are, to explore these feelings in a safe, secure and confidential environment, and to try to make sense of them and to find a way forward. As Counsellors we would like to help you live the life that you want to live, and not a life you feel you have to live.

The Person-Centred approach means that we take each client as an individual in their own right, and work with them in the best way for them. We do not assume that we know better, we believe that every individual has their own answers, and our aim is to help them to help themselves. We understand that what works for one may not always work for another.


Between us we have a wide range of skills, and we work as a team to offer each client

the most appropriate counsellor for their needs.

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